iHTTP Ltd Acquires ValueVPS


We are delighted to announce that iHTTP Ltd have acquired ValueVPS. We are working closely with the team at ValueVPS to ensure a smooth transition. We have completed the migration of all ValueVPS billing details. You can now access the billing/support system via https://my.ihttp.co.uk – This link has also been updated within the ValueVPS website for future reference. All invoices will now come from the iHTTP System.

All services provided to customers will remain the same, the only difference now being that VAT will now be charged additionally at 20% on all invoices moving forward. We are in the progress of stopping all further billing from the ValueVPS billing system, and this in turn will mean a change of billing and PayPal information for future payments. All subscriptions related to ValueVPS will be cancelled, to allow you to subscribe to our new PayPal account. You will also have the option to make payments using Card (Stripe) or Direct Debit (GoCardless) within our billing portal. Our bank details will also be listed within invoices issued.

David, will be on hand to support over the next few months with the system migration and general support. We previously worked with ValueVPS several years ago and delighted to see some customers we supported many years back. We look forward to working with each of you in the coming months and years ahead.

This now allows iHTTP to be able to immediately offer OpenVZ and KVM VPS’s running off of our brand new full SAS (SSD) Hardware. Ensuring blistering performance for all customers. You can see all available packages within the ValueVPS.co.uk website.

Thank you,

Steven Mitchell
Managing Director

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