Disaster Recovery

Complete peace of mind with our state of the art backup solutions. Workstations, Laptops and Servers all protected from a signle management console. 

We know that when it comes to your critical business functions that continuity is everything. You need a bullet-proof backup and recovery solution for when the worst-case scenario becomes a challenging reality. Our Disaster Recovery service ensures you recover from major issues rapidly and without data loss, helping you to get back to business as normal with minimal downtime.

90% of companies experience some kind of downtime, which may result in loss of data, security, productivity, and revenue.
Choose us to provide Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). You can then rest easy knowing you have scalable storage options, secure data protection, and rapid recovery times should something happen. Plus, you will have access to our 24/7/365 technical support.

We work with organisations large and small across a wide range of sectors and industries, providing a comprehensive Disaster Recover solution that includes:

  • UK-based data storage
  • 256-bit end-to-end AES encryption
  • Virtual recovery as standard
  • Image-based backups
  • Automatic backup verification
  • Multiple OS support
  • Ransomware protection

Benefits of our Disaster Recovery service

Rapid recovery

We can recover your data, servers or desktops from the cloud to a virtual environment in seconds, helping you get back to normal business operations rapidly. Restores can target individual files or an entire system. Your data can be restored from any point in time.


Our scalable and flexible service grows with your business so you can store as much backup data as you need. Our Datto-supplied technology provides the most flexible retention options to ensure your data is stored for as long as required.

Business continuity

Business continuity goes beyond simply recovering data. It’s the planning and preparation that keeps you operational in the face of otherwise devastating issues such as ransomware, malware, natural disasters, network downtime and costly human errors.


Data protection is a concern for any business. Your data is stored securely, protected with end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption. We use only the highest quality data backup and recovery technology from Datto, an industry-leading supplier.


Reliability begins with knowing your backup is always good. You won’t need to worry if your system will boot or be recoverable. We automatically verify that backups will boot with all data intact, giving you 100% confidence in your backups and our ability to restore your data.


You get technical support when you need it most, in whatever way you need it. Whether that’s our 24/7 ticket support, by phone, using remote access on a secure connection, or with an on-site engineer visit. We’re flexible and can adapt to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Backups

Protect your business against unknown risks with frequent backups of your entire business infrastructure. We protect your business data no matter where it lives, including files and applications on local servers, end-user endpoints, and in SaaS applications.

Ransomware protection

Protect against attackers who target businesses through social engineering schemes that can leave you with no access to your data and a hefty ransom to pay to release it. We help you prevent the damage to your finances and reputation that ransomware can cause.

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Why cyber protection?


As cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their attacks, it’s getting harder for businesses to mitigate them. All it takes is one unpatched system, malicious URL, or malicious file for cybercriminals to gain access to your network, encrypt files, and deploy ransomware.

While backups are still essential for restoring your data, they’re not enough to protect your business alone. You need to adopt a comprehensive cyber protection approach to help mitigate the risks associated with today’s modern threats.

Acronis Cloud Protection

Disaster Prevention

What’s better than the ability to recover from major issues rapidly and without any data loss? Avoiding the need to recover in the first place. Our Managed IT Support service continually monitors your systems, identifies potential security issues and
ensures that vulnerabilities are patched before they develop into major problems.
Avoid disaster recovery scenarios with our managed IT Support service.

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