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Carnoustie Country

We were delighted to work with the large team behind Carnoustie Country, an Angus Council run website. Carnoustie Country is a key sector within Angus to drive a local market and international market to key golfing locations within Angus and the local areas.

We have since completed two build of Carnoustie Country, the initial was to replace a recently built website, that didnt capture user engagement, and secondly to rebrand the whole site following the Open in Carnoustie in 2018. We worked to ensure over 100 pages, 70 independent maps and unique banners across pages to ensure no replication was being used.

We introduced some awesome functionality to allow users to search within features of specific courses across the region. This also allowed us to link to their sister site of VisitAngus to allow transitions and backlines between each site.

The previous site prior to us working with Angus Council was not designed with user interaction, this allowed us ample opportunity to turn this around, albeit with very short deadlines.

We have been relighted with the organic search results since taking over management of the sites Search Engine Optimisation and large email campaigns that had spikes of 20,000+ users at any given time.

It has and is a delight to work with the team so closely over the last few years.