Hosted Phone Systems (VOIP)

We provide complete hosted telephony systems, known as VOIP Telecoms. They provide alternatives to typical BT Phone lines. They are completely hosted in managed Datacentres on Managed Hardware. We can also provide you with new handsets and complete setup and management of our telephone systems. This includes, Hunt Groups, IVRs, Voicemail services. We provide complete training and migration along with keeping your current number. Transfers to mobiles are also included. Learn more on our VOIP systems below.

VOIP Packages

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With 3CX you have the ability to view all staff within one page to check on their current status within the system, this can be set from items such as Available, In Call, Away, Do Not Disturb or Offline. This allows you to see and manage staff in real time and manage and change statuses also.

Mobile Apps

3CX allows you to program both iOS & Android devices to take your workforce across the country or world, with the ability to make and receive calls and message in realtime, you can rest assured that no calls to your telephone system are missed. This also is a great benefit for offices with remote workers and not having to invest in further hardware for your phone system.

iPhone & Android

All Our plans include

CloudTelephone System
1-clickinstall apps
99.9% UptimeGuarantee
easy-to-usecontrol panel
TransferWebsite & Domain
30 DayMoney Back

FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

What support is provided?

We provide complete management and updates to your phone system and supported handsets. This allows you complete peace of mind when it comes to management of your phone system. If you experience an issue, just give us a call and we’ll handle it.

How can this slash costs?

Unlike traditional phone systems, your not billed for the number of lines you have, you’re billed for the number of concurrent calls you make make or receive. This allows you to cut costs and have a completely cloud based phone system.

But BT have a cloud product?

Yes, BT do provide BT Cloud, however our 3CX Platform will be cheaper for most cases. And where our system may work out more expensive for a 1 or 2 user solution we can provide an alternative system. The big difference is, you don’t have to sit on hold for hours to speak to someone to make a simple change. One call to us and we’ll have things underway in a few minutes.

How does it work? 

First, get in touch and let us know your interested. We’ll then arrange a call or a meeting with you to discuss the next steps and ask you some questions to ensure we’re getting the right solution in place. Once this is done we’ll handle transferring of telephone numbers and the go live process for your new 3CX phone system.

Does 3CX Support Click2Call? 

Yes, you can install the 3CX Application or browser plugins and enable click2call directly through the Windows/MAC agents that are available. This way making your life that little quicker.

Can we record our calls?

Of course, as default we can record all calls, however you will need to ensure you make customers aware that your recording the calls. If your FCA or PCI complaint we can also provide solutions to ensure you remain complaint too.

It would be useful to host online meetings.

Fantastic, then 3CX may well be for you. 3CX offers Web Conferencing as part of their product offerings. This can allow up to 250 users* to be connected to an online meeting/presentation. Making it easy for you to deliver meeting or key updates to a large number of users all at one time. This is included as standard on all versions of 3CX.

*Depends on the level of 3cx license you have.

Does 3CX offer CRM Integration? 

Yes, 3CX offers a number of different options for integrations with various types of products. As an example it offers integration with Office365, Salesforce, Zendesk, FreshDesk, Microsoft Dynamics, Exact and much more.

This is designed to provide seamless integration with your working life.