Infinity Business Systems

Having worked with the team at Infinity Business Systems in the past, it was a pleasure to quote to build their new website. We know the team very well and know how their business work, so this made the project very exciting. We worked to ensure we had the plan of how the new website would look, feel and work, ensuring it was fully responsive for mobile devices. We worked to ensure the brand guidelines were met throughout every part of the job.

The team provided us with the content and we worked together to ensure the page styling was consistent throughout, the finished result is a very sleek and stylish website providing excellent content and a very easy website to navigate.

We do provide on-going support to the team at Infinity and look forward to the next areas we focus on.

iMac Two IBS

Meeting Four IBS

iMac One IBS

Mobile Devices Three IBS

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Name Infinity Business Systems Date 12 Wed 2017 Categories Web Design Author steven
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