Backup Solutions

Your most important asset is data. After all, without customer information,order details, photographs or product data, you will not be able to perform any activities.

Imagine partially or even completely losing your business data. It could mean thebeginning of the end. At the very least, it would damage your company image.Our Hosted Backup Cloud gives you the peace of mind that comes with theknowledge that your data is safely stored at all times.

Technical Features

MultipleOS Support
MS ExchangeSupport
Bare MetalRestore Options
256-bitAES Encryption
UK BasedData Storage

Backup Packages

£80.00 /per month
  • 500GB Storage
  • Reporting
  • Versioning
  • UK Data Centres
  • Server Only
£40.00 /per month
  • 150GB Storage
  • Reporting
  • Versioning
  • UK Data Centres
  • Server Only
£30.00 /per month
  • 250GB Storage
  • Reporting
  • Versioning
  • UK Data Centres
  • Desktop Only
£20.00 /per month
  • 100GB Storage
  • Reporting
  • Versioning
  • UK Data Centres
  • Desktop Only

We offer a number of different packages, if you need something more specific, please contact us and one of our team will be happy to assist further and get pricing for your required storage requirements.

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FAQ - Your questions? We got answers!

How do backups run?

Backups are made automatically through a schedule. Therefore human interventionis not required.

What SLA Does it operate on?

Our backup services operates on the highest availability from Tier IV data centres. With cloud backup your data is continuously and directly available. When you losedata, you can immediately start with restoring your data.

How easy is it to restore Data?

The restore of your data is very fast and easy. You select the backed-up data andchoose the target location. In no-time your files and folders are back on yourcomputer

Do you support Version History?

iHTTP”s Cloud backup can keep a history of your file changes depending on your retention preferences. Changed files are stored as a new version; this allows you to go back weeks to restore the desired version.

What Operating Systems do you support?

Our Hosted Acronis Backup Cloud supports all popular operating systems. This meansyou are ensured of the right backup capabilities now as well as in the future

How does it work?

iHTTP”s Backup Cloud offers a cover-all, end-to-end solution for yourbackup issues. The solution creates a backup of the data on all of your computers,irrespective of your location. The solution operates in a fully automated way, offeringunrivalled ease-of-management and supports various operating systems.It really is that simple.

Do you offer Data Protection?

Our Backup Solution uses high-end storage equipment, which is located in a physically secured UK datacentre. Due to an extensive SLA you can always access your backed-up data and the datacentre has multiple Standardisation Certifications.